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Gürcü Kültür Evi - ქართული კულტურის სახლი



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Remembering Ahmet Ozkan
Yazar admin2 : 6/11/2005

I first met Ahmet Ozkan in 1970 at a Georgian folklore event in Bursa.  A folklore group performed traditional Georgian dances in a large hall before an enthusiastic crowd of spectators.

In 1969-70 I was conducting anthropological field research in Susurluk for my doctoral dissertation at Harvard University.  Susurluk had a culturally mixed population consisting of Manavlar (historically sedentary Turks), Muhacirler (immigrant Turks from the Balkans), Turkmen, Circassians, and Georgians.  Ahmet Seyhan, a Susurluk resident and a Georgian, observed that I was interested in the traditions and customs (orf ve adetler) of all peoples, so he invited me to attend a Georgian folklore event in Bursa and recommended that I meet Ahmet Ozkan, an expert on Georgian culture and history.

How tries Turkophone person to kill Laz language
Yazar ჭკონი : 4/1/2003
This article will not be secured from defects. Any sound criticism would help us to understand actual problems and dangers Laz encounters...
We try to indicate some examples of self-confident maleficent activity of one Turkophone person
Zan (Laz/Megrelian) Alphabet, Part 1
Yazar ბპგ : 1/3/2003
Scripture, Alphabet is uniting: Generally - language, scripture and alphabet are important parts of Culture of any nation, ethnic group. Alphabet, Scripture serves unification of people speaking one family, group of language, dialects – it helps better understanding between people speaking these languages, dialects; better exchange of information; cements this group from inside…
Laz-to-Turkish Codeswitching
Yazar ჭკონი : 4/1/2003
Codeswitching (CS) is commonly defined as the alternating use of two or more codes in the same conversational event. The term was first employed to refer to the coexistence of more than one structural system in the speech of one individual by Jakobson, Fant, and Halle (1952), who use "code" in the abstract information theoretical sense. In later writings, "code" has come to be synonymous with "language" or "speech variety." Recent research on CS falls within two distinct traditions: the syntactic, providing insights into the linguistic principles that underlie the form that CS takes; and the pragmatic that relates linguistic form to function in everyday discourse.
About an etymology of murutsxi
Yazar ჭკონი : 1/4/2003
In Zan [Megrelo-Laz] languages there is evidenced one common root:
muritsxi||murutsxi: star.
We regard it as a compound root derived from rotsx-||ritsx- [number, quantity, verb: to count] core.
For its turn, rotsx-||ritsx- ascends to Karto-Zan common language period:
Yazar ჭკონი : 1/4/2003
In Laz there exists newly restored Zan variant [მაფა] of Karto-Zan common root მეფე [king]. The word was almost lost in beginning of 20-th century, but it was preserved in hydronym მაფაწკარი [N. Marr: 1910].
მეფე ascends to Karto-Zan common language period [G. Klimov: 1964; H. Fänrich, Z. Sarjveladze: 2000]. There exists regular phonetic equivalency between Kartian and Zan variants [ე (Kartian) = ა (Zan)]. In fact მეფე originates from მეუფე [king, lord, sovereign, ruler]. This word is of very active use in old and modern Georgian.
GÜRCÜ (ÇVENEBURİ) KÜLTÜR EVİ - ქართული კულტურის სახლი
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